RHRN (Right Here Right Now), thought and developed together with Eugenie de LaRiviere, is an experimental design talk show, that aims to widen discussion, open new reflections and discover new waves of talking and practicing design. The first event was kindly hosted by Onomatopee, Eindhoven.

Exploring contemporary design practice, young designers are asked to stage their intervention around a common theme via any means appropriate. The series embrace unique visions and personal strengths; expect performances, interviews, project presentations, videos and choreographies… RHRN aims to be an original wit theme-based content-driven not-bloody-boring talk diving into practiced theory. RHRN is organized by DAE MA students and is initiated by Eugenie deLariviere and Giovanni Pezzato, who used Onomatopee as their lab to expand talks and experiments. We were happy to host some incredible talks, presentations and original contributions from Tauras Stalnionis, Birgit Severin, Bora Hong, Pablo Calderon Salazar, Jeannette Petrik, Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo, Ben Landau, Lucile Sciallano, Alix Gallet, Meng Hsun Wu.
With Alexander Humbert (Maurice+Paula) working on the videos and Francesco Del Pia curating the music!

Symposium organization, curation and moderation, together with Eugenie de LaRiviere.
Logo and poster design.
B → Books
G → Graphic Design
L → Identity
I → Illustration
W → Writing
N → Event
M → Music

RHRN — Right Here Right Now N L


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↑ RHRN n°1 - " TRIBUTE TO JOHN " from MAURICE + PAULA on Vimeo, music Francesco Del Pia.

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