Eon, one of the biggest energy company of the Benelux, asked to the DAE Masters a ‘vision for the future of energy’. The company just invested in two new coal powerplants for the next 50 years, and it seemed that Eon was going far from the general renewable energies trend. I wrote and designed a visual essay starting from extremizing the idea “what if we reach an energy break-point?” and proposing a shifted production model.

Book I (black) is a narration of to-be riots and disorders between people and goverment/companies caused by a general energetic drought.

In Book II (gray) The Marx and Engels Manifesto has been rewritten with energetic production needs, together with an analysis of overlooked self organized communities in history.

Book III (white) instead proposes a shift from a company-consumer to a self production/organization approach where companies become service providers and consumers actual local producers with rights and responsabilities.

Concept and design of the book.
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