Jailbird is a rehabilitative project for inmates in Luxembourg Givenich prison. In the large prison workshop the inmates are offered to learn carpentry by realizing several original designs. Inmates can learn a new job for the future, accellerating their own rehabilitation. Active involvement proved to be a crucial point of the project, so Socialmatter studio proposed a manual with instructions, given to each inmate to stimulate curiosity and explaining each necessary step for construction.

The manual needed to be in four languages, yet the instruction had to be word-less so that anybody could read them. At the same time it had to be perceived not as a mere set of instruction but as a valuable container, to motivate and inspire convicts. Working with Socialmatter and the jail Master Carpenter, I designed a no-world set of instruction for the whole realization process of a chair and illustrated the manual referencing Diderot and d'Alembert Encyclopédie engraved illustrations.

Manual realization and design, illustrations.
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